Mark Willis


I believe that by working together toward a shared vision we can accomplish much more than individuals working separately. Upon arrival at Advanced, it was evident that our employees are truly committed to improving our company, our customers and everyone's well being in general.  That is so rare in any company. 

A major aspect of our shared vision is one of our core values; "Willing to Teach and Share Knowledge. " This core value is critical for us to continually improve our processes, products, and people. By sharing what we’ve learned, or what we could have done better, we can transfer critical improvement knowledge to areas that may have been overlooked or previously unidentified.

Another core value that resonates with me is; "Inquisitive, Intelligent, and Willing to Learn." This is so critical to our continual improvement journey. In finance we need to understand how products are developed and manufactured. By better understanding our customers' challenges (both external and internal), expectations, and processes with reliable data, we can identify root causes. Once we understand that, we can collaboratively provide intelligent, common sense, and fair solutions.

I have been in accounting and finance for over 30 years. I started as a CPA, then moved into the manufacturing arena.  For the last 11 years, I’ve served as an Operations Controller in injection molding industry.