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Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer, you will be responsible for coordinating the planning, organization, control and completion of specific engineering projects. You will also be responsible for fostering customer relationships, delivering quality equipment and manufacturing process to our production team, controlling project budget and preparing project reports.

Production Supervisor - 1st Shift

As a Production Supervisor, you are responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of the team members associated with each shift to maintain production and achieve company goals. You will also be responsible for reviewing production orders, ensuring productions schedules are met, organize assigned work and assist employees in daily work performance. Anticipate production and personnel problems to minimize their effect on production.

Process Technician - Weekend Days

As a Process Technician, you are responsible for the set-up and tear down of injection molds, as well as creating processes for products and all other related duties.

Quality Assurance Inspector - 2nd Shift

As a Quality Assurance Inspector, you will perform routine testing on quality of in-process or finished parts according to company standards, customer specifications and any applicable regulatory standards. This will involve collecting part samples and performing assigned inspection tasks using various types of equipment and ensuring documentation is completed and accurate. You will also be responsible for inspection production machines and work areas, and performing packaging sampling or testing as needed.

Press Operator III - 3rd Shift

As a Press Operator, you will operate injection molding equipment to force heated plastic into pre-made molds to form plastic products that may range from relatively simple to very elaborate and complicated. You will also be responsible for monitoring press operation, maintaining quality of parts produced, and alerting quality inspectors, set-up and/or supervisors of unsatisfactory parts quality or unusual operating conditions.