Jim Sparrow, Estimations Engineer


"After graduating in 2012, I started at Advanced as a Second Shift Supervisor without any previous experience in manufacturing. Working on second shift provided the opportunity to figure many things out for myself, at my own pace, and learn from my mistakes. I learned a lot working on the floor for four years! I left Advanced for three months for another opportunity, but soon came back as the culture wasn’t like it is here. Upon my return, I worked on the weekend shift as a Setup Tech for a year and then applied for the Production Analyst role. From my understanding of what was happening on the floor, it felt like it would be a good fit! I worked in that role for a year and then moved into my current role as an Estimations Engineer. I have been enjoying that for the last four years!
What I’d say about Advanced is that even though we have been growing rapidly, we have fun, it’s relaxed, and you can be yourself here!"