Eric Eichten


"2013 is when I started in general maintenance doing various projects.   Then I started working closely with the production team and eventually became the team lead for the assembly line for a large packaging program.  From there, I pivoted into an office role as a backup customer service, purchasing, and scheduling person.  In addition to this, I took on the production pricing responsibility.  From there, I became the Sales Analyst/Coordinator and even went into Account Development for over a year.  Then I became the customer relations manager and served as the internal sales role.  Most recently, I’ve become the Customer Fulfillment Manager overseeing customer service, capacity analysis, purchasing & shipping. 

Before I came to Advanced I worked in retail and as a driver.  I really didn’t have career aspirations at that time.  Then Advanced gave me opportunities and even helped put me through school.  I don’t know exactly when it changed from being a job to becoming a career.  I just remember there was always the ability for me to try something new."