Attitude reflects leadership, which is why our problem solving attitude is a direct reflection of our CEO/Owner, Brett Nelson. A toolmaker and engineer, Brett started this company not with the sole intention of making money or owning his own business, he started Advanced out of the frustration of seeing customers being underserved and overcharged.

It was an opportunity to do things differently.

From the very beginning, our team took pride in working all night long to get a tool running - one time to the point that a customer even fell asleep on a conference room table. Beyond the dedication to make things work, was the dedication to do the right thing. In injection molding, it is inevitable that unforeseen things will happen. Instead of shying away from these challenges, Brett felt it was important to address these issues head on. First by acknowledging the issue, not hiding it, and then by working through it with the customer. This resulted in a higher level of trust and collaboration between the Advanced team and the customer.

It has been, and still is, important to grow the business through credibility. That is why we are all committed to finding a better way.