Senior Metrology Speciliast, Chad Baber, Delivers CT Scanning Presentation

Posted: 5 years ago

Last Wednesday, our Senior Metrology Specialist, Chad Baber, was asked to give a presentation at a Zeiss-sponsored "Global Workshop for CT Analysis Software Applications."

Given our close relationship with Zeiss and our unique position as an injection-molding based contract manufacturer, they tasked Chad with explaining how exactly Advanced used their CT scanning services.

As Chad's presentation illustrated, there are many benefits in using CT scanning; no sectioning of the part, no setup error, avoidance of expensive fixtures (FAIRS), good for single or multiple parts, provides a complete 3D model with no obscured dimensions, ability to detect internal defects, reductions in re-measurements. Scans are stored to be reference at any time.

Additionally, the presentation highlighted our path to CT scanning, research of the technology, application of the technology, plans for the future, and explained in detail how it further revolutionize the way we validate products in the metrology world.

Chad Baber