Posted: 6 years ago

On October 2, 2017 Advanced went live on a new ERP. We transitioned from Job Boss to IQMS. This was the first phase of implementation, that included all of the core functions that had been performed by Job Boss and a few valuable additions including:

  1. Real Time production monitoring of all molding machines
  2. Implementation of bar code labels and scanning throughout the operation
  3. Warehouse Management System
  4. Perpetual Inventory

Job Boss had been used since the company’s inception and has served us well, but it did not support the scalability and features we need as we continue to grow.

Future IQMS implementation items:

  1. Electronic records and signatures
  2. ECO/ECN routing and approval
  3. Integration of maintenance (PM/repair)
  4. Integration of training system
  5. Integration of quality inspection activities

Our team is excited to continue to learn and implement this extensive system!