Ryan Fuhr

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ryan Fuhr

A significant contributor to the culture here at Advanced is that we hire people who are careful and critical thinkers that demonstrate common sense. It’s important enough that it’s one of our core values. Fortunately, I witness this trait in action daily and it’s especially apparent during any type of problem solving process our team faces. The most routine examples are in the daily material review board (MRB) meetings, where acute problems are discussed. But arguably the most important times are when we work with the customer on product design for manufacturability (DRM), our technological approach, and our manufacturing process design. It is here that applying critical thinking can reap the largest dividends in the form of preventive actions. A problem avoided during the design phase can be orders of magnitude less expensive than a problem solved once a part is in production.

While we do encounter complex, multivariate problems that may require significant study and investigation to tackle, many issues can be solved or prevented with a straightforward, common sense solution. Being part of a team that is systematically hashing out a problem or designing a process and is focused on making sure the best idea wins is a central part of our culture here at Advanced. It is truly what makes this a great place to work.

I’ve been at Advanced since 2010 and worked in assembly and injection molding-based contract manufacturing for over 15 years. My background is in engineering (B.S. Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota). Prior to operations management I have benefited from performing diverse roles in manufacturing, project and quality engineering as well as quality management. The product mix I have worked on has been similarly diverse, from appliance and consumer products to automotive and medical, including complete Class II and III medical devices.