Ruben Rivera

Plant Manager Ruben

Over the last 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. All different ages, educational levels, work experiences, ethnicities, and backgrounds.  What I appreciate most about coming to work at Advanced is that not only are my teammates talented, they are signed on. It doesn’t matter how intelligent or talented an individual is if they are not committed to the team and the betterment of the company. Every day I come to work knowing my peers share my desire to bring Advanced to new levels. Here at AMT we don’t avoid ANY problems (even the most difficult ones), but rather we seek them out in our commitment to excellence. 

I’ve worked in manufacturing settings my entire career. I started hands on learning injection molding set ups and processing. My schooling prepared me to shift into PLCs, Automation, and Robotics. My passion for process improvement and operational excellence drove me to attain my black belt certificate from ASQ. For over the last decade I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with others through various leadership roles.