John Haley

President John Haley

Advanced purposefully seeks out employees who are friendly, open-minded, adaptable and who are team players. We seek employees who value the success of our customers and our company before themselves. As such, individual recognition is secondary to the success of the program.  Employees that embody these qualities listen better, communicate more effectively, share higher collaboration, and simply have more fun!  In fact, we often ask potential employees the question, “How do you bring out the best in the team?”

To help facilitate and nurture these qualities, Advanced has created and empowered a group of employees that serve on a “Social Committee”. The key purpose of the Social Committee is to organize company events that are focused on having fun and allow employees to interact as people rather than as job titles.  A few examples of recurring events include our Annual Fish Fry, Team Bags Tournament, Chili & Soup Cook Offs, Battle of the Bands, Annual Bowling Tournament, and the Employee Appreciation Dinner.

Having worked in the molding and assembly profession for over 20 years, I have developed a very healthy respect for the unique challenges of the industry and those individuals that make it all happen. My background is in Packaging Engineering (B.S. from Michigan State University - Go Spartans!). I have been with Advanced since 2009, serving the role of Operations Manager, and, in 2014, I proudly accepted the role of President.