Charles T. Vrooman


Soon after joining Advanced Molding Technologies in 2017 it became apparent to me that this was a place that truly valued their employees. The willingness to teach and share knowledge among departments within the company is evident daily as teams gather to discuss the challenges customers bring to us to solve. I attended several internal workshops where departmental team members such as project engineers, toolmakers, manufacturing engineers and quality engineers have gone through the processes that differentiate us from our competitors. This type of knowledge sharing increases social interaction and promotes camaraderie, which leads to a rise in creative, collaborative problem solving. Witnessing the passion in our employees is nothing short of amazing and is very rewarding to be a part of.


I come to Advanced Molding Technologies with a history in financial services. After receiving my B.A. in Accounting from Augsburg College, I began my career in public accounting, where I served many small to mid-sized companies. Helping companies to succeed and grow within their industry became my passion and has been a very rewarding career. I have served in different financial roles in manufacturing, engineering, wholesale distribution and residential services industries.